Monday, 9 May 2011

JJ the angel

So I had Thyroid Cancer, but I had managed to leave the house with my carefully painted 'Im Fine' face on... Now it was time to find out what on earth was going on.

There are four types of Thyroid Cancer, four types, and yet I had been sent out into the world with only the general label... as you already know Im a google abuser. I needed to know more, I wanted to be able to process what was going on.

I called my GP, they hadnt yet been informed of my diagnosis. I called the ENT dept at the hospital where I had been the night before for my appointment. The receptionist was unable to help me but she offered me contact details for my Macmillan Nurse... I had a Macmillan Nurse! Why the doctor didnt tell me that at diagnosis I really do not know. I called the number, I got a voicemail - I hate voicemail, I always ramble and mumble. I left a message asking for some more information and awaited the call back.

It was 5pm bfor the phone rang, it was the Macmillan Nurse we will call her JJ. She was kind, she was supposed to have finished work at 3.30pm and yet here she was at 5pm calling me. I was grateful ever so grateful that she had taken the time to call me, her own time when she could have easily just gone home at 3.30pm. By the time she had called me I had googled for britain, so when she told me it was Papillary Thyroid Cancer it was good news. I was releived, it was the best one to have. I remember speaking to her for a while and by the time I got off the phone I felt soo much better, I had information coming to me. I was being sent a form so I didnt have to pay for any prescriptions. She had also set up another appointment for me to see Dr M, in a weeks time. She had apologised to me for not being there the night before, she apologised that Dr M hadnt been the one to tell me, they had both been away at a conference. In short that one phone call from JJ gave me a rock to grab onto, she became my guardian angel - she didnt have to assure me that I could call her if I needed her - I just knew. I had been thrown a lifeline and now that I was armed with information and a source of support I could deal with it.