Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Little old lady speed bumps

I remember sleeping pretty well that night, propped up on the electric bed surrounded by many pillows, I woke up every now and then to drink some water which was slightly awkward. I had a scar across the nape of my neck about 8cms long which was glued so had a shiny appearance. Moving around was interesting, I think it was mainly a psychological thing but it felt like I needed to keep my head and neck as still as possible so as not to burst my scar. I don't remember being in a huge amount of pain but sudden movements were certainly uncomfortable. Speaking... now that was a different matter, I was hoarse. I hadn't been told nor had I worried about a loss of voice as a result of the operation. As I had had a cold I assumed that maybe the tubing etc had scratched my throat a little so I wasn't too concerned about my hoarseness at this point. Dr M had brushed it off saying 'oh we will just keep an eye on that', I was happy, Id survived the op, the lump was gone and more important than ever I was waiting to be picked up by my partner and little man :)

Posh breakfast arrived, I kicked myself that I hadn't ordered a fry up! But it was yummy non the less, porridge and fruit salad with toast and posh jam and more importantly Coffee mmmmm. My partner arrived and I went off in search of a nurse to be discharged. When you leave an NHS hospital they are in my experience a little funny about letting you leave, these private nurses seemed more than happy to give me my papers and send me on my way. I was simply told to keep my scar dry for 7 days and asked if I had paracetamol at home which of course I did.

So of we went to get in the car, my voice hoarse and walking like I was very interested in the floor in a little old lady hobble because I was scared of popping my scar LMAO. The car ride home was fulled with speedbumps :(

OUCH - there was a lot of sharp intakes of breath on the way home! Getting home after an operation I am never very good at putting my feet up especially with my three year old running around and my dog, but after this operation I went back to bed after trying my best to keep my eyes propped open on the sofa. Theres nothing soo good as your own bed for a post op daytime nap :)

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