Thursday, 17 March 2011

2 beers and a Nipple

I was just about ready when the porters came to take me down to the surgery. After a quick joke about my cow print slipper boots and a trip to the lady's room, I slipped out of my undies and into some particularly sexy paper pants!

The porters at the posh hospital were funny and kept me smiling on the way down to the theatre, I love a camp porter :) As usual the conversation mainly consisted of how hungry I was etc LOL.

When I got down to the room, the person prepping me for the surgery was chatting away to me, he was I think Puerto Rican, and had a gazillion children one of which was a similar age to little man. He showed me pictures of his children on his phone as h attached wires all over me. It was a nice experience, I felt involved in the preparation altho it was a little embarrassing having my nipple on show in front of 3 blokes LOL. The only weird thing was having a conversation while being flat on my back - but we chatted away for a good 15 mins or so lol. Then the anaesthetist came, I told him I enjoyed anaesthetics - but that they always made my nose itch when I came around. He said that was one of the side effects of an important component, I said thats cool just been intrigued as to why :) He popped the line in and said right here we go.... I remember saying ooooh 2 beers :) and I was gone...

When I came around from the surgery in recovery I had an itchy nose :) I remember putting my hand straight to my neck and being told off :)
In recovery the nurses are always concerned that you will be sick if you drink too quickly afterwards, but im always gasping. Touchwood ive never been sick yet! So I asked for water and was given a sip arrrgh :) LOL.

I was taken back up to my room by the porter, I spoke to my partner and went back to sleep. The benefit of a private room in a posh hospital is gorgeous peace and quiet :) For some reason the nurses also dont feel the need to take your blood pressure every two minutes :) YAY

When I woke up I was told I could have anything to eat that I wanted - ANYTHING - they gave me a posh menu.... I was like erm.... so I asked for a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich and COFFEE - and I got it, along with Butternut Squash soup which was delicious!

I am not joking this food was like hotel room service and was awesome! Having thoroughly enjoyed that I settled in for the night. I was feeling stiff and a bit sore but nothing I couldnt deal with. Xfactor was on and me and my partner watched it while texting our opinions on it back and forth :)

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