Friday, 25 February 2011

Op day, fry ups and waiting......

Having had my first appointment cancelled I didnt hold out much hope that my operation date would come around again soon. I expected to wait at least a month, and so was very pleasantly surprised when I was booked in for my operation the following weekend. I was to be at the hospital at 7am on a saturday!

Unfortunately 7am appointments mean no food or drink past midnight the night before, so I stayed up late and had a midnight feast :) As I said previously I wasnt afraid of having the surgery, I had got to the point where I enjoyed the anesthetic. I am not entirely sure why I had no fear of the surgery, I think its something to do with childbirth. I have found that since being a mummy things that happen to me dont scare me so much, if I could deal with childbirth I could deal with anything! I discovered that a weird side effect of this is that scary amusement park rides, where even my partner screamed like a girl, I just wet myself laughing on LOL. Not literally wet myself LOL.

We prepared little man for my stay at hospital, explained that he needed to look after daddy and that the doctors were going to fix mummys neck. He seemed fine with it, as I said previously id had 2 operations in a year at this point and so he was getting used to it. We all piled into the car and off we went to the posh hospital. When we got there little man found some mischeif by making sure everyone had a glass of water from the water machine, and sat and read a book about doctors and how they fix people. Hes a little charmer so he had soon charmed everyone in the waiting room.

After a while a nurse came and took me up to my room. The room was amazing! I am not joking when I say that it was like a hotel room, the only difference being that the bed was a hospital bed! It was a private room, with a tv, and an ensuite! No chocolate on the pillow but there was very posh complimentary toiletries! On the way up in the lift the lady had told us that the cafeteria did fried breakfasts at 8am, my partner was very excited!

The anesthetist came to see me, I had a bad cold at the time, he was slightly concerned that they may have to cancel me due to my cold based on the fact that they were operating on my neck, but after a quick temperature check they decided to go ahead. When 8am came around my partner and little man went off to the cafeteria in search of a fry up!

I sat in the room in the chair and watched tv, having not eaten since midnight the idea of a fry up was pretty much torturous. Dr M came in and checked me over, its impossible not to smile when he is around. I signed my permission slip and verified I understood everything and off he went.

My partner and little man came back, there had been no option of a fry up as the cafeteria was shut, but little man had charmed someone in the kitchen into giving him one anyway for free! Turns out in private hospitals fry ups are part of the menu for patients! They made sure I was happy in my room and kissed me goodbye and went home, toddlers and hospitals dont mix - not much fun lets be honest!

I sat in the room and waited and waited and waited, for what seemed like hours. I had been told Id go down to theatre at 11am, by about 1pm I was still waiting. I hate waiting for operations mainly bcos not being allowed to eat makes me super hungry! I went to the desk and asked when I would be going down and was told I was next on the list. I went back to the room and put on my surgical stockings which were navy blue - so not as bad as the horrid white ones and my gown, and waited some more.

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