Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dr M and Spiderman

Fast forward a good few months and my appt came around to go see the consultant at the hospital. My little man insisted on going dressed as Spiderman, the consultant greeted him as Spiderman and made a fuss of
him. I instantly liked him!

Dr M the consultant put me straight at ease, he had a beaming smile and was welcoming, he had a peek at my neck, and asked permission for a student to have a look too.They both agreed that it was a big 'un :) I wasnt worried, but the doc advised that he remove the lump anyway. Having been told twice now that it wasnt cancer I could have just said naaah leave it. I didnt, I smiled (genuinely) and said okey dokey, I was waiting for another operation for something else at this point and said maybe they could do both ops at once.... no chance.. LOL. Nevermind, by this point I was quite enjoying the anaesthetics. Dr M said goodbye to spiderman.

I remember thinking that Dr M looked like someone who should run an italian restaurant and say 'Forget abaaart it'. We were in and out of the hosp in 15 mins that day. Much to the disgust of the other people in the waiting room...

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