Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pre-op assesments and Whoopsie

I received a phone call from the admissions people at the local hospital to notify me that Dr M has requested to do my surgery at a posh private hospital over an hour away from my home. I wasnt too keen at first, I worried about getting there and staying overnight so far away from my family. But eventually I agreed and after many a missed phonecall (I never check my voicemail lol) I agreed a date for the surgery and was sent a letter asking me to go for my pre-operative assessment. Unfortunatlely the assessment was to also be done at the posh hospital some distance away! Off we went. Pre-Op assessments now involve checks for mrsa and most of the time a blood test, mrsa tests involves swabs of your groin and nose, so I made sure I had nice pants on :) LOL

We got to the hospital which was small and had free parking! The assessment went well, little man came with us and was incredibly tempted to press all the red buttons! The lady swabbed my nose, and refused to allow me to swab my own groin - boooo. I verified the times and dates of the operation and check about recovery times etc. I was told to expect 2 weeks recovery and was assured that Dr M was an excellent surgeon and that I would be in good hands.

The day of the surgery arrived, I was to have a Partial Thyroidectomy - to remove the lump. I was expected to be at the hospital at 1pm. Childcare was arranged and my other half was to drop me off at the hospital after a half day at work. I got up on the day of surgery glad that I could have breakfast and some coffee hours bfor I went in for surgery, fasting is not something I am good at I NEED coffee in the morning or im no use to anyone!

At 7.45 am the phone rang.... it was the posh hospital. 'We are just wondering where you are?'.... 'Im not supposed to be there til 1pm so im still at home???'... 'Oh we were expecting you at 7am, how quickly can you get here?'.... 'Well I guess by ten? But I have just eaten.'

It turned out that there had been an admin problem and my time of surgery had been sent incorrectly, Dr M wasnt even going to be at the hospital at 1pm, he left by 11.30am. So my surgery was cancelled, turns out even posh private hospitals arent perfect LOL. I was apologised to profusely.... It was annoying, but as my surgery was cancelled I got to eat all I wanted too that day so it wasnt all bad!

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