Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A trip to A and E and Google abuse

My little man is a proper boy, he has no fear, runs everywhere, talks at the top of his lungs, wakes me up in the middle of the night every night to get in bed with me. In short hes awesome, and can be a big mummys boy. Turns out at 3 yrs old hes already paid me back for everything I do for him bcos if it wasnt for him I might not have said anything.

It was during a trip to a&e with my little man that I mentioned in passing to the lovely doctor that I had a big lump in the front of my neck. Explaining about the fact that I had one on the back of my neck that was just fatty tissue, she had a look and said - 'Im not sure I like the look of it. Go to your GP it might be nothing'.

I have to say I wasnt too worried until I got home and started Googling... NEVER google symptoms unless you fancy frightening yourself more than the scariest movie you have EVER seen. Google can be your friend, but use it wrong and it can become your worst enemy! Needless to say I booked in to see my GP.

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