Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pickled eggs

So I booked an appt with the GP, my head swimming with all sorts of nastys from google abuse. My partner at this point had been yelling whenever he went out of the room 'Get OFF Google!'...

Typically trying to not look worried I explained to my GP about my lump, that it was probably nothing - but could she just let me know what her thoughts were? Having looked at it and prodded it a bit, she decided that it was very unlikely it was Cancer, coming to that conclusion due the fact that it wasnt 'craggy'. As I had had it for about 18mths at that point she said right lets get you a thyroid function test done, and il refer you to ENT. 'I tell you want lets make your lump sound more interesting - we will say its shaped like a pickled onion - or egg. That will maybe get you seen quicker' LOL you have to laugh!

 So off I went home soooo glad that it didnt look likely that I had any of the google abuse nasties!

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