Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Needles and Ultrasounds

I was sent a letter asking me to go to the hospital, so they could have a look at my lump... so off we all went a nice family outing down to the hospital, my little man was happy - he brought woody and buzz with him and was bought a magazine. I never know whether or not to make polite conversation with other people in waiting rooms, so I didnt. I waited my turn while the little man and my partner played in the convenient play area in the waiting room and then they called my name. I made light of the situation by chatting with the nurse and the man who would scan my lump. They laid me out of the table in a dark room and began by smearing my neck in clear goo. I remarked how the ultrasound made my lump look like a baby, and then the scan man said he was pretty sure it was nothing to worry about but that he would like to take a sample of lump with a needle... He said it would hurt, I said I have been through child birth and nothing hurts more than that - go ahead!

It didnt hurt but the little blighter took two samples, thats 2 needles, 2 sets of ouch! My neck hurt a little afterwards and so I popped some painkillers and off we went, feeling pretty secure in the fact that two people had now said I dont think its cancer and defo none of those google abuse nasties!

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